Reprint permissions

Non-exclusive reprint/use permissions, anthology rights
All works published by Rowohlt, Rowohlt Berlin, Wunderlich, Kindler, Polaris, rororo and rotfuchs consist of copyrighted material. Before using any excerpts from our books, you need our written permission. Please note that we usually do not hold subsidiary rights for illustrations and photographs from our books or their covers.
How can I get a reprint permission?
If you would like to reprint texts, excerpts or pictures from works published under any of our imprints, please check the copyright notice inside the work to find out whether the copyright really is held by us.
Please complete our online form.
Upon submitting the form, you will automatically receive an email confirmation of your request.

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Please bear the following points in mind when submitting requests:

1. When submitting requests, please state the precise source, i.e. a reference to a title published within one of our imprints. Without a source, your request cannot be processed.
2. If you or your publishing house is based within the European Union, please remember to indicate your VAT number. Without the VAT number we need to add the German value-added tax to the agreed permission fee.

How long does it take to receive a reprint permission?

Requests generally take a minimum of four to six weeks to process. Please bear this in mind when submitting your request. Many requests require a lot of research on our side, therefore please give us as much information on the requested text and on your planned publication as possible - the more detailed your information, the faster we will be able to help.

How much does it cost?

We charge a fee for all permissions. The fee is calculated by taking into account the amount of text used, the print-run of the publication and its retail price. The minimum fee for any permission is 80,- Euro.
If the permission is granted, you will receive an invoice / reprint permission in writing.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us:
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Ms. Nathalie Wittfoth
Hamburger Straße 17
21465 Reinbek
fax: +49 40 72 72 319