Release: 17.05.2022


  • Ages 8+
  • In the new travel series with Pippa and her likeable, diverse family, young readers experience other cities with all their senses and learn a lot of interesting facts along the way.  With a city map and recipes in each volume.
  • Topics: family time, Paris, sight seeing, experiencing a different culture

    Explore a different city in each volume – have a wonderful time with Pippa and her family!

    With a city map and recipes in each volume.

    Pippa has something really great planned: a weekend in Paris with her parents, her big brother Nick and her little sister Tuffi. Lots of things happen on such a trip: right at the start they almost lost Tuffi’s cuddly ray in the train, Daddy ordered very strange dishes in the restaurant, even though his French is sooo good, and on the very first evening, Nick met a French princess. The big question is: will Pippa really dare to attend the painting course in the Louvre Museum all by herself? She really wants to become an artist, but sometimes you have to be pretty brave to do so.

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    • Publisher: Rowohlt Taschenbuch
    • Release: 17.05.2022
    • 160 pages
    • Ages 8 +
    • ISBN: 978-3-499-00958-7
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    Pippa in Paris

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    Kristina Kreuzer

    Kristina Kreuzer, born in 1975, studied literature in Amsterdam and the USA, lives in Hamburg and is passionate about words: as an author, translator and blogger.