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award winning books


We are very happy to announce that Natascha Wodin was awarded the Leipzig Book Fair Prize 2017! She Came From Mariupol is an exceptional search for the truth and a major literary event. Wodin investigates the past of her Ukrainian mother, who grew up in the harbour city of Mariupol and was forcibly removed to Germany as an ‘Eastern worker’. It is a tender and darkly radiant account of one person’s fate, developing momentous emotive power; its subject serves as a proxy for the fate of millions. The Leipzig Book Fair Prize, annually assigned during the Leipzig Book Fair to outstanding newly released literary works, is considered one of the most important German literary awards. Congratulations to our author! Natascha Wodin is also a recipient of the Hermann Hesse Prize, the Alfred Döblin Prize and many others.


We are proud to announce that Max Annas has won the German Prize for Crime Fiction 2017 for his thriller DIE MAUER (The Wall). It was already at the top of the KrimiZeit best-seller list for several months!

Please contact us if you'd like to receive more information on the author and his books.


Kirsten Fuchs’ outstanding novel for younger readers THE GIRL GANG (14 years up) was awarded the German Youth Literature Prize, the most significant German literary award for youth literature.

The award ceremony was held at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

We congratulate the author!

Please find more details and the sample translation on our website.


We are happy to announce that Thomas Melle's THE WORLD AT YOUR BACK (DIE WELT IM RÜCKEN) and André Kubiczek's A SKETCH OF SUMMER (SKIZZE EINES SOMMERS) are in the final running for this year's award!

The German Book Prize is presented to the best German-language novel just before the start of the Frankfurt Book Fair as an annual award from the Foundation of the German Publishers' & Booksellers' Association.