Release: 21.07.2020

Sample Translations


Sample Translations

A mutilated body is found next to train tracks near Jena. How did the young man from Mozambique die? First lieutenant Otto Castorp from the murder investigation commission in Gera looks for witnesses but is confronted with a wall of silence.The evidence, however, points to racist motives for the killing.

When it becomes clear that this line of inquiry can no longer be disregarded, the commission is ordered to drop the case: a racist murder is inconceivable in the German Democratic Republic. Otto Castorp begins his own covert search for the killer, under observation by the powers that be...

Based on a real case, Max Annas’ novel is an urgent, deeply political thriller with a relevance that goes far beyond the 1980s and the former East Germany.

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Sample Translations
  • Publisher: Rowohlt Taschenbuch
  • Release: 21.07.2020
  • 352 pages
  • ISBN: 978-3-499-27600-2
Cover Download Morduntersuchungskommission: Der Fall Teo Macamo
Morduntersuchungskommission: Der Fall Teo Macamo

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Michele Corleone

Max Annas

Max Annas was a journalist and worked for many years in South Africa on a research project studying South African jazz. He now lives in Berlin. He was awarded the German Crime Fiction Prize five times.