Release: 19.07.2022


  • A book full of quiet strength and beauty.
  • A timeless story set in a seemingly intact world.
  • Recommended by New Books in German.

Have you encountered the inhabitants of Huswil yet?

A small farm in the Alpine foothills. A life of timeless simplicity. But then something happens that has never happened here before.
This is the story of the farmer Tanner and his wife who literally end up on the edge of their world. Their farm with a few cows yields just enough to live off when two large, bottomless holes appear out of nowhere on their land. Are they an omen, a punishment or a random event? At first Tanner doesn’t want any help, he wants to do the right thing and so he does the wrong thing. He has to watch his simple, quiet life fall apart.

A flawlessly composed text, a classic novella reminiscent of Keller and Kafka. In precise and poetic language, Lukas Maisel writes about nature and community and how the unmentionable intrudes into reality.

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  • Publisher: Rowohlt Buchverlag
  • Release: 19.07.2022
  • 128 pages
  • ISBN: 978-3-498-00308-1
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Tanners Erde

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Lukas Maisel

Lukas Maisel, born in 1987 in Zurich, trained as a printer. At some point he realized he would rather write than print books and went to Biel to study at the literary institute. For his first novel, Buch der geträumten Inseln, he received a grant from the Canton of Aargau, the sponsorship award from the Canton of Solothurn and was awarded the Terra-nova-Preis der Schweizerischen Schillerstiftung.