Release: 17.08.2021


  • A trio of protagonists, touching in their humanity, on a quest for healing and solace.

Requiem for someone who knows stuff – a dark comedy in shining prose.

Sports reporter Addi Schmuck has his own agenda when he arranges for his young colleague, Moni Gottlieb, to be relieved of all her editorial duties in order to assist him. As a matter of course, he expects her to leave her smartphone at home and join him in his vintage car to drive to the stadium of the top-of-the-league football club, located all the way at the south end of the city. The club’s greenkeeper is battling with a mysterious natural phenomenon and hopes Schmuck can help him. But it turns out that Schmuck himself needs help in this matter. He introduces Moni to a close friend who lives in an overgrown refuge and who everyone refers to as “The Knower”. And so, a game between the three begins.

There are few contemporary writers who employ the tools of narrative literature as subtly as Georg Klein, who play this game with such joy and in such an idiosyncratic manner. His latest novel takes the reader into the editorial offices of a well-established southern German regional newspaper as well as to a space where this world and the beyond merge, the realm between mediumship and animated nature.

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  • Publisher: Rowohlt Buchverlag
  • Release: 17.08.2021
  • 272 pages
  • ISBN: 978-3-498-03584-6
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Bruder aller Bilder

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Eva Häberle

Georg Klein

A native of Augsburg, Georg Klein was born in 1953. His works published to date include Libidissi, Barbar Rosa, Die Sonne scheint uns, Anrufung des blinden Fisches and Miakro. He has been the recipient of both the Brüder Grimm Prize and the Bachmann Prize for his prose. Roman unserer Kindheit won the Book Award of the Leipzig Book Fair 2010. His most recent novel Bruder aller Bilder was published in 2021.