Release: 17.08.2021

Meine Freundin Lotte
Meine Freundin Lotte Zusatzmaterial
Meine Freundin Lotte Zusatzmaterial


  • Two extraordinary women and artists wrestle with their dreams, creativity and friendship.
  • The Fräulein Gold series of historical novels about a midwife in 1920s Berlin sold over 170,000 copies (Vol. I-III).
  • Rights to Fräulein Gold were sold to France (Faubourg-Marigny), Italy (Mondadori), Russia (AST) and Spain (Maeva).
  • Recommended by New Books in German.

An emotionally stirring novel about Berlin painter Lotte Laserstein and her favourite model, Traute Rose.

Berlin, 1921: Lotte Laserstein wants to become a painter. But the Academy of Fine Arts has only recently started admitting women, and Lotte has to fight – against her male teachers and critics’ resentment and for her passion, painting. The young photographer Traute becomes her soul sister. Traute is a “New Woman” in the sense of the new feminist movement; this and her enthusiasm for art make her the perfect model for Lotte. A very special relationship begins to grow – until the political situation in Germany becomes more and more unbearable and Lotte ends up having to flee.

Kalmar, 1961: Lotte Laserstein and Traute Rose spend a warm late summer evening together in southern Sweden. But the atmosphere is one of recrimination and dissonance as old wounds are reopened. The two women suddenly realise there are urgent questions they can no longer avoid. They have to face their past, a time that asked them for all-or-nothing decisions – as artists and friends.

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Italy - Mondadori

  • Publisher: Kindler Verlag
  • Release: 17.08.2021
  • 368 pages
  • ISBN: 978-3-463-00026-8
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Meine Freundin Lotte

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Max Zerrahn

Anne Stern

Anne Stern was born in Berlin, where she still lives with her family. After studying history and German, she earned a doctorate in German literature and worked as a teacher. Anne Stern made the Spiegel bestseller list with her series of historical novels about Fräulein Gold.