Angela Sommer-Bodenburg

The Little Vampire

We all know the main characters in Angela Sommer-Bodenburg’s vampire books. But in the English version we find them with other names: Anton Bohnsack is called Tony Prasbody. Rüdiger von Schlotterstein, the little vampire, is called Rudolph Sackville-Bagg. We also meet Anna the Toothless, Gruesome Gregory (= Lumpi der Starke) and nightwatchman McRookery (= Friedhofswärter Geiermeier). And what about the story? Tony loves reading creepy stories about vampires. But when one night he finds a real vampire sitting on his window-sill, he is very surprised and terribly frightened. Luckily the little vampire turns out to be friendly and they have a lot of fun together.

Themen:   Englisch; für den Primarbereich; Schule und Lernen: Moderne Sprachen: Fremdsprachenerwerb; Kinder/Jugendliche: Gegenwartsliteratur; Kinder/Jugendliche: Liebesromane, Geschichten über Liebe und Freundschaft; Kinder/Jugendliche: Lustige Romane