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award winning books


We are very happy to announce that three of our authors are on the longlist!

- Akos Doma, WEG DER WÜNSCHE (The Way of Wishes),

- Thomas Melle, DIE WELT IM RÜCKEN (The World at Your Back),

- André Kubiczek, SKIZZE EINES SOMMERS (A Sketch of Summer).

The prize will be awarded on 17th of October at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Congratulations to our authors! We'll keep our fingers crossed.


Helmut Lethen embarks on a fascinating journey through the art and media of the 20th century. Using the example of Robert Capa’s photos of the Normandy landings, he explores how pictures become historical documents. He indulges his fascination for the performance art of Marina Abramovic that so deftly melds art and reality. Lethen also immerses himself in the ironic play with signs that typifies the work of conceptual artist Bruce Naumann and which dissolves any sense of reality. He examines pictures that portray the idyllic, and discovers a sense of solitude that had frightened him as a child. With his finely honed eye, Lethen shows us what pictures are and what they are capable of. Yet he also steadfastly refuses to reveal the reality behind them, and in so doing stays true to a conviction that has been so important for his own life. A personal and powerful book that teaches us how to see in this visually bewildering era.


This year’s winner of the Leipzig Book Fair Award, David Wagner, has written a moving book about an existential inner journey through responsibility and happiness, death and love; it is the story of an organ transplant. The jury praised the laconic sense of humor of David Wagner’s brilliantly written novel. A sample translation will soon be available. David Wagner is a recipient of the Walter Serner Prize, the Dedalus Prize for Contemporary Literature, the Georg K. Glaser Award and others.


Rowohlt author Nils Mohl has won the German Youth Literature Prize with his book "Es war einmal Indianerland". The award ceremony was held at Frankfurt Book fair on October 12th. The jury said that Mohl's book, the story about a seventeen-year-old boy who lives in a poor suburban area, was "artfully constructed", "a new and exciting type of coming-of-age-novel and love story" and that he succeeds in writing ambitious literary fiction that is close to his readers. The book has also been recommended by New Books in German (Goethe Institute) who called it "a highly original novel that stands out clearly from others in the genre".


Eugen Ruge’s debut novel “In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts” (“In Times of Fading Light”) has been awarded the German Book Prize in 2011. We have sold rights to more than 20 countries among which: Italy – Mondadori Spain – Anagrama France – Editions First Netherlands – De Geus Finland – Atena U.S. – Graywolf Press