16.06.2011   von rowohlt

Colum McCann mit IMPAC Award ausgezeichnet

Für seinen Roman «Die große Welt» erhält Colum McCann den International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award 2011 und setzte sich damit gegen 161 englischsprachige Romane durch, die von 166 öffentlichen Bibliotheken rund um den Globus für den mit 100.000 Euro dotierten Preis nominiert wurden. Die Begründung der Jury lautet: “This is a remarkable literary work, a genuinely 21st Century novel that speaks to its time but is not enslaved by it. The human condition, the kindness and cruelty shown from one man to another, the ways in which we suffer and triumph, are subjects which have resonated through fiction for centuries. In each generation, writers explore these themes and rephrase the questions that our humanity asks of us. There are few answers in this novel. Its beguiling nature leaves the reader with as much uncertainty as we feel throughout our lives, but therein lies the power of fiction and of this book in particular. In the opening pages of Let The Great World Spin, the people of New York City stand breathless and overwhelmed as a great artist dazzles them in a realm that seemed impossible until that moment; Colum McCann does the same thing in this novel, leaving the reader just as stunned as the New Yorkers, just as moved and just as grateful.”