Sven Voelpel


It’s time to change how we think about aging. 

Germany is aging quickly. That not only means social, political, and cultural changes, it’s also a deeply personal issue for many. But what does the term “old age” even mean? Does it have to be synonymous with poor health and loneliness? What does research knows about staying young?

In this sagacious yet eminently accessible book, Sven Voelpel explores the criteria for being old as opposed to feeling old, and draws on a number of scientific studies to back up his insightful analysis. The good news is that – much more strongly than previously thought – we have the power to determine if we are “old” or only aging; Sven Voelpel shows us how.

> Becoming old is also a matter of the head: How can we stay happy and healthy instead of becoming embittered and sick?


Sven Voelpel

Sven Voelpel

Sven C. Voelpel, born in 1973, is a professor for business studies at the Jacobs University in Bremen as well as founding president of the WISE demographics network. His research focusses on demographic change, diversity and leadership. As a leading researcher on aging he advises governments and organisations such as Allianz insurance, the German Federal Employment Agency, Daimler and Deutsche Bahn. He lives with his family in Bremen.