Marie Fontaine


As the first autumn storms sweep over Paris, the cards seem stacked against Mademoiselle Fleur. While the young florist’s father falls ill, her little shop is close to bankruptcy. To top it all off, she’s about to catch a nasty flu.

One day, a mysterious customer steps into her shop and turns her life upside-down. Monsieur Martin recently started work at an upmarket hotel, the “Louis XV”, as a customer complaints manager. With such a difficult and challenging job, Monsieur Martin delights in the calming effect of the beautifully arranged flowers in the shop window. And he is even more enchanted by its owner.

Everything could be so easy. But life is complicated, and so is the story of Mademoiselle Fleur and Monsieur Martin.

Complicated and stunningly romantic…

Marie Fontaine

Marie Fontaine

Marie Fontaine was born in Paris and worked for several years in a small bookshop before becoming self-employed as a PR consultant. She loves spending time drifting through the small shops and cafés of her favourite city quarters and dreaming up new stories about the people she meets there. She was inspired to write A Winter Full of Flowers when she began packing up the roses growing in her tiny urban garden to protect them against frost. She lives with her family in Munich.