Katharina Herzog


“Life’s a journey. Don’t take too much baggage with you.” - Billy Idol

32-year-old Maya refuses to tie herself to places or people. A professional travel blogger, there’s hardly a corner of the world Maya hasn’t seen. There’s only one place she never wants to visit: La Gomera, home of her adoptive mother Karoline.

A few years ago, Maya found out by accident that Karoline isn’t her biological mother and has never forgiven her. Maya finds out that she’s pregnant after a brief affair. Of all the places in the world, the prospective father, Tobi, has settled on the island of… La Gomera.

Maya reluctantly flies out to the island, home of drop-outs, hangers on and penniless artists, to stay with her mother. She doesn’t yet realise that this will be the most important journey of her life.


Katharina Herzog

Katharina Herzog

All her life, Katharina Herzog has loved thinking up new stories and writing them down. After a brief spell in journalism she went back to creative writing. She soon began publishing her books, and has already won a wide audience as an author of e-books. She lives with her family near Munich.