Jochen SchmidtDavid Wagner


Two Germanys. Two boys, born almost at the same time. But not in the same country. One grows up in the West, not far from the West German capital of Bonn; the other grows up in the East, in Berlin, capital of the GDR. They both play at home, in the garden, between the high-rises or on building sites and wait for the evening’s TV schedule to begin. They drive around on bikes with their friends, steal sweets from their siblings and argue on the back seat of the family car. They dream of playing in the national football team, ‘forget’ to do their piano practice, and are told in school that the world on the other side is worse.

In this startling, evocative book, two of the best writers of their generation tell of their own childhood, each telling the other their own story with great precision and literary flair.

Jochen Schmidt

Jochen Schmidt

Jochen Schmidt was born in East Berlin in 1970, and has written novels such as Müller haut uns raus and Schneckenmühle , as well as volumes of stories in the form of Triumphgemüse and Meine wichtigsten Körperfunktionen . His other books include Schmidt liest Proust, Dudenbrooks and Schmythologie . He lives in Berlin.