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Private eye Charlie Brinks has begun a new career as a bodyguard. The insolvency of Air Brandenburg has left 1000 people without a job, yet four board members have each pocketed millions while their erstwhile employees are out on the street. Understandably nervous, the four managers have hired bodyguards. Now Charlie is driving the airline’s former CEO, Dr Hundt, around in a big Merc.

The new job is a godsend, as it turns out. At home, at his brother’s house, the air is getting thicker by the minute. His brother is Police Commissioner Holger Brinks of the local Criminal Investigation Division. Their mother, Anita, is getting on everyone’s nerves, especially now that she has a new lover: Jean-Pierre, a now-unemployed flight attendant with a propensity to come home drunk and stumble around in the flower beds. Jean-Pierre’s previous employer? Air Brandenburg. So, Holger is secretly thankful when a new case is dumped on his desk, even if it looks like a routine investigation. A certain Maik Schuster has committed suicide.

When the CEO Charlie is protecting gets shot at, the weapon used in the attack is traced. It’s registered to none other than Maik Schuster. The two brothers now have a new case they will have to work on together, whether they want to or not.


Hans Rath

Hans Rath

Born in 1965, Hans Rath studied philosophy, German studies and psychology in Bonn. He lives with his family in Berlin, where he works, among other things, as a scriptwriter. His trilogy Man tut, was man kann, Da muss man durch and Was will man mehr garnered him a wide and avid readership. Two of the books have been turned into feature films. The three novels of his Und Gott sprach trilogy were also bestsellers.