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Bavaria, the authors of this engaging new book know, doesn’t always mean the same thing to everyone! Even the natives sometimes have problems understanding each other. If you’re a Preiß, or outlander, what hope do you have of getting inside the hearts and minds of ordinary Bavarians? Frankziska Wanninger and Martin Frank show us that Bavaria is a lot more than dirndls, dumplings and Lederhosen. 

They take us on a whirlwind tour of this enchanting region and its people, explain its language (which its users are trying hard to preserve for posterity), translate the intentions of Bavarians (who can be hard to understand for most Germans) and dissect traditional stereotypes. Witty, hearty yet with a few cerebral moments, this book provides enormous reading pleasure.


Franziska Wanninger

Franziska Wanninger

Franziska Wanninger grew up on an isolated farm near Altötting. After finishing school, she spent a few years in the USA studying acting, German studies, American studies and the art of life. She began her solo comedy career in 2011. She is a regular on Bayern2’s radiospitzen show as well as TV shows such as Schlachthof and Vereinsheim Schwabing.