Doris Knecht


An ex-couple embarks on a desperate search for their daughter – and for new lives.

Two people, two separate existences, are thrown together on a journey with an unknown destination. Living geographically and psychologically far apart, they neither know nor like each other yet are forced into an alliance to search for the only thing that connects them: their adult daughter, plagued by mental illness, who has suddenly disappeared.

Georg leaves behind his bed-and-breakfast in Austria, Heidi her mannered, middle-class existence in Frankfurt; both leave behind their new families. They travel on planes, boats and mopeds through Vietnam and Cambodia, desperate to find the next clue to their daughter’s whereabouts. Some of the obstacles along their way lie within, stemming from their past and their inability to confront the present.

Featuring Doris Knecht’s distinctive narrative voice, this gripping novel sends two (almost) strangers on a mission of uncertain outcome, its powerful narrative driven forward by a series of decisions whose consequences weigh ever more heavily on the lives of all involved.


Doris Knecht

Doris Knecht

The columnist and novelist Doris Knecht was born in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg. Her debut novel Gruber’s Departure (2011) was nominated for the German Book Prize before being turned into a feature film. She was awarded the Ravensburger Foundation Book Prize for Better (2013). Her widely acclaimed novel The Forest was published in 2015, All about Relationships in 2017.