David Safier


The new Safier: A picture-book love story!

What woman wouldn’t like to draw her perfect man? Comic artist Nellie often has her head in the clouds. Suffering from a broken heart, she finds an old Tibetan leather-bound notebook in which she draws her ideal guy: strong, aristocratic and with a three-day beard. When she wakes up the next morning the prince has left the page and stands, alive and well, in front of her wearing chain mail and a sword.
With the impetuous prince by her side, whose name, it turns out, is Retro, she scours Berlin to find out more about the magical notebook. Everything she draws in it comes alive! Although they make an odd couple, Nellie and Retro experience lots of adventures including fights with skinheads and escapes from the police. They soon realise that dark forces are trying to use the notebook to destroy the world! But the biggest adventure they have yet to face is the adventure of true love…
A turbulent romantic comedy between reality and fantasy: a great and extremly funny bestseller-to-be!

› 4.5 million copies of his works were sold so far in Germany and rights to 31 countries.

› A turbulent romantic comedy between reality and fantasy by international bestselling author David Safier!

› A light and witty picture-book love story full of surprises. Until one day, it becomes reality…

David Safier

David Safier

David Safier was born in 1966, and is one of today’s most successful authors and screenwriters. His books Lousy Karma, Suddenly Shakespeare, Happy Family, Moo! and For 28 Days sold millions. His books are also bestsellers in markets outside Germany. He won both the International Emmy and the Grimme Prize for his screenplay for the TV series Berlin, Berlin. He lives and works in Bremen, is married and has two children and a dog.