Christian Y. Schmidt


After many years in the Far East, journalist and hobby ornithologist Daniel S. is back in Germany; all he wants is a bit of peace and quiet. Then the funeral of his childhood friend Viktor ends in a fist fight. It’s a turning point in Daniel’s life, and sparks its descent into chaos. When a woman from his past turns up, Daniel – try as he might – simply cannot remember who she is. People seem to swap places or disappear. And everywhere he goes he sees signs that tell him he will die on 19 October. Can Daniel solve these puzzles using the “Cooper Method” recommended by his psychiatrist, a die-hard David Lynch fan? Or should he listen to his dealer in Berlin who advises him to “do more honest drugs from the seventies”? Can Google help? And what does all this madness have to do with a trip to America Daniel and his friend, the neo-Dadaist Huelsenbeck, went on in 1978? 

In his debut novel, Christian Y. Schmidt sends his protagonists on a mysterious journey between Berlin and Mexico, at the end of whose tortuously convoluted paths lies the ultimate truth. 

Schmidt’s immensely enjoyable book recounts the joys of being a youth in the wild ‘70s, describes the agonising failure of even the best laid plans and shows us what happens when we deceive ourselves. 

Bristling with originality and deliciously dark humour!

Christian Y. Schmidt

Christian Y. Schmidt

Christian Y. Schmidt has written about China for both the Titanic and the taz newspaper. Until 1996 he was a Titanic editor and then became a freelance writer for a number of leading German newspapers. He is also the co-proprietor of one of Germany’s leading weblogs. His works include a biography of Joschka Fischer, We are The Crazy Ones (1999) and a well-received travelogue Alone Among 1.3 Billion Other People.