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A declaration of love to the Côte d'Azur.

They were young, spoiled and famous. When Klaus and Erika Mann wrote a travel guide about the Riviera in 1931, public interest was assured. With great pleasure Erika and Klaus  write about the wild Marseille, the fashionable Cannes and of course about Monte Carlo. They chat lightly and ironically about places and people, their favourite restaurants and let us participate in their encounters with artist friends and other celebrities of the time. A fascinating document about the Riviera at the beginning of the thirties – with numerous historical photos.

Erika Mann

Erika Mann

Erika Mann was born on 9 November 1905 in Munich. She first worked as an actress and journalist. At the beginning of 1933 she founded the cabaret "Die Pfeffermühle" in Munich; a few weeks later she went into exile with the whole troupe. From 1936 she lived mainly in the USA as a lecturer and publicist. During the Second World War, she participated in the BBC's German programs and was a war correspondent for the Allies. In 1952 she returned to Europe with her parents. She died in Zurich on the 27th of August, 1969.