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Amélie and Thommy’s famed magic show revolves around the connection between two exceptional performers, who can (seemingly) read each other’s minds, communicate without speaking, predict how the other person will behave. Is this a unique – or even supernatural – gift? Or is this a talent we can all learn? Yes, we can! This charming and informative book teaches us how to connect deeply with another person, read and interpret their signals, in turn intensifying the relationship. It builds on Thommy’s and Amelié’s personal experiences and provides examples and exercises to help us practice our new-found skills.

World champions of Mindreading 2015-2018
World's Best Mentalists over the last 30 Years
Guinness World Record holder
Magic Entertainers of the Year 2015

Thommy Ten

Thommy Ten

Thommy Ten, born 1987, was born in Lower Austria. Since his education as a communication professional, he has performed internationally as a professional magician. Together with his partner Amélie they became superstars in America as "The Clairvoyants". From the Opera House in Sydney to Broadway in New York, they will be guesting with their show.