Stephan M. Rother


The struggle for power has begun …

The Ashen Empire is in upheaval; the leaves of the tree have begun to wither, portending a transition of power. Yet the emperor has no heir.

Morwa, a clan chieftain, strives in these dark times to unite the tribes of the North under his banner. His time, he realises, is fast nearing its end. Before his death he selects from among his four sons the judicious Mornag as his successor. The eldest, Morwen, makes a pact with dark powers, unleashing ancient forces.

Amid the all-deciding battle, the fate of the North is in the hands of two women. One is the dark-skinned slave Ildris, who is pregnant with an heir; the other is Morwa’s illegitimate daughter Sölva who carries the power to lead the country out of darkness…

Stephan M. Rother

Stephan M. Rother

Stephan M. Rother was born in Wittingen in 1968, studied history and worked for fifteen years as a comedian. For the last ten years he has been a writer of successful novels, and also works as a translator. He is married and lives in a house filled with books and cats near Lüneburg in northern Germany.