Linus Giese


The best decision of my life.

Linus is 31 when he first utters the words that he is a man and a transsexual, something he’s actually known since he was 6 years old. However, his worries about how the people around him might react have led him to keep it quiet for years. Then his new life begins with the statement “I’m Linus“, a life that is no longer characterised by feelings of shame, but liberation. Although now he has to declare who he is over and over every day, be it at the doctor, at the hairdresser, or when meeting strangers. Linus talks openly about his second puberty, bureaucratic hurdles and both positive and negative reactions, as well as the incredible feeling of happiness he felt when he finally held his ID card with his name on it in his hands.

Linus Giese is one of the most well-known transsexual rights activists in Germany.

His book is a vital social contribution on the truth behind transsexuality and a call for more acceptance.

Linus Giese

Linus Giese

Linus Giese is a German Studies graduate and has been working as a blogger, journalist and bookseller in Berlin since November 2017. He writes about books on and about his transition on He has also published several pieces for Tagesspiegel, taz and the online magazine VICE. Over 20,000 people follow him on social media.