Simon Elson


Above the clouds

“The cumulus is the cloud of story books. It’s a friendly companion on sunny days, the icing on summer’s cake. But it also has bad-tempered relatives who have sometimes unleash storms…”

They’re just water vapour high up in the air – so why are we always looking up in wonder at clouds, intrigued and in awe as they track their way across the sky while we try to guess how tomorrow’s weather will unfold? Or are we trying to tell our own futures and discover something about ourselves? This spellbinding volume depicts the 25 most important cloud varieties in a series of beautifully illustrated portraits. Readers are invited to participate by “collecting” the various types of clouds and document their finds on the provided pages, adding their personal observations.

Since the dawn of humanity, we have gazed in wonder at a sky that has inspired artists, poets and many others. This is a detailed introduction illustrated with the work of a major artist that touches on meteorology as well as cultural and natural history to weave an enchanting story of the sky itself.


Simon Elson

Simon Elson

Simon Elson was born in 1980. He studied art history and literature and lives as a freelance writer in Berlin. He curated two exhibitions of cloud art in Munich and Berlin in 2016 that covered the period from 19th century to the present day and involved artists from C. F. Sørensen to Friedrich Loos and Wolfgang Tillmans. Ever since, those images have held his imagination firmly in their grasp.