Ralf König


When humans got down off the trees, Ralf König was nearby, observing quietly...

Africa, 6 million years ago. The emerald green rainforest recedes, ceding ground to an expanding savannah landscape. It’s the moment that apes decide, “Let’s get out of the trees!” But once on the hard ground of reality, they’re forced to walk upright, their brains grow and, hey presto: say hello, Australopithecus! But instead, humankind’s first clear thought is, “Oh shit…”

How right that was. Because every invention, be it Homo habilis’s stone axes or Homo erectus’s fire, just gets them deeper into trouble. And just when males start eating old meat and thinking they’re kings of creation, females decide to get secretive about when they’re ovulating, causing a lot of confusion around mating rituals. But Flop isn’t that bothered, he’s more interested in the beefy Homo robustus quietly grazing on the nearby steppes…

One word the early hominins never quite got the hang of was “peace.” Similarly passé was, “Back into the trees!” Flop decides to resist the progress of evolution.

(It didn’t quite work out for him, as we now know. But it was worth a try.)

A genuinely evolutionary comic book!


Ralf König

Ralf König

born in 1960 in Soest, studied graphic design. His stories were first published in gay men’s magazines. His breakthrough came with Maybe ... Maybe Not (Der bewegte Mann, 1987), which was hugely successful both as a graphic novel and as a feature film. He has received many awards. His comics have been translated into 18 languages. His work has also been presented in countless art exhibitions. He received the 2014 Max und Moritz Prize for his life’s work.