Peter Rühmkorf


“Stay Unshakeable and Resist”, “Where the Gods Turn Their Thumbs” – even the titles of his poems exude the evocative melody that make Ruhmkorf’s verse so unique. This is the voice of one of Germany’s great poets who juggles with traditional forms, imbues free rhythms with swing while breaking rhymes and then cobbling them back together. He doesn’t shrink back from addressing weightier topics, writing “offhandedly about love and death”, as well as reworking commonplace themes in a way that lets them sparkle: “the reflex in the morning of a trembling butter knife on a cheek at breakfast”.

Ruhmkorf’s favourite place to be was always the space in between, even if that sometimes left him walking a tightrope. This book assembles his entire poetic oeuvre in one volume for the first time: from a 1956 leaflet to a volume collated shortly before his death in 2008.

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Peter Rühmkorf

Peter Rühmkorf

Peter Rühmkorf born in Dortmund in 1929 and studied in Hamburg, was a literary editor and freelance author. He received many prestigious awards include the Bremen Literature Award, Georg-Büchner-Award, Droste-Hülshoff-Award, and Arno-Schmidt-Award.He died in 2008