THE HEART OF TIME: The Invisible City (Vol. I)

What would today look like if you could change the past?

"That girl has a very active imagination. Too active, if you ask me." Lena can't count the number of days she's heard Auntie Sonja say that. She's lived with her aunt for as long as she can remember, along with her two younger cousins. But she feels like a stranger in the heart of this family.

Her best friend Bobbie says that all 15-year-olds have that feeling sometimes. But Lena is convinced there's more to it. She was only four when her parents died. But the accident is never spoken about in the family.

Lena's suspicions are borne out when she finds a mysterious clock among her parent's old things. By accident, she activates the timepiece's mechanism, calling forth enigmatic friends and powerful enemies. Far away, in a place not of this world, a boy takes notice of her: Dante.

Lena is fascinated by Dante, who seems to have magical powers. And the key to her heart. They team up and journey to Dante's home, an invisible city. But who is Dante? And what does he have to do with her parents' deadly accident?