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The book that parents (and almost all teachers) have been waiting for.

“If children don’t know their multiplication tables, or can’t read properly after leaving primary school, then something’s gone horribly wrong.” But that’s the sad reality, says Michael Rudolph. The experienced headmaster managed to turn Bergius, a problem school in Berlin, into a coveted educational establishment with clearly defined rules for disciplined learning. He considers virtues such as punctuality and courtesy crucial in restoring stability to the school day. In this book, Rudolph and his co-author Susanne Leinemann describe how you can create a school environment, no matter where, in which learning is the most important goal. 

According to Rudolph and Leinemann, it requires courage to take the duty of the school seriously. School is not an end in itself. On the contrary, it provides a foundation for pupils so that they can transition into the world of work. While advancement through education is more relevant today than ever, only those with skills have good prospects. As we’ve become caught up in pedagogical trench warfare and educational theory, we’ve lost sight of the true goal. What is school for? Rudolph’s bold answer: schools are places of learning!


Michael Rudolph

Michael Rudolph

Michael Rudolph, born in 1953, has been in the Berlin school system for forty years. Since 2005 he has been head of the Bergius School in Berlin-Friedenau, which he has led from a "problematic" school to a sought-after educational institution.