Kathrin Blum


Growing Roots

“Our ancestors didn’t just live in the woods and forests, they lived from them. Trees “gave” them everything they needed, providing wood for fuel, bast fibre for clothing, bows for hunting. Without trees we wouldn’t be where we are today.” Did you know that the bark of the birch tree is an excellent firestarter? Or that you can make containers for transporting food from it? Ötzi was found carrying one of these containers among his possessions.

These interesting facts are among the many offered to interested readers in this charming book that invites us to rediscover the trees that live quietly all around us. From the elder in our gardens or the lime tree on the market square to the beech and ash trees in the woods nearby, this book shows us the 24 most important European trees through a series of intriguing portraits paired with wonderful illustrations. Informative and enthralling, this book teaches us about the geographical distribution and cultural history of trees, detailing the spellbinding sagas and superstitions as well as their uses and conservation status.

The book also includes pages provided for notes and affixing or drawing leaves. Lose yourself in this book in an armchair at home or take it with you your next walk through a nearby forest.


Kathrin Blum

Kathrin Blum

Kathrin Blum  is a teaching professional focussed on the natural world. Her blog www.waldweg-blog.de examines the myriad ways in which we can discover nature all around us. She lives with her husband and three children near Hamburg near the beautiful Bille Valley. She knows almost every individual tree there and has developed a soft spot for her “special oak”, a tree that has been standing at the side of a path since the 17th century.