Albrecht Selge


An absurd tour d’horizon through abysses

It begins as a harmless holiday in the summer of 1989. An overweight music critic from West Berlin, a world-famous pianist from Hanover and a simple-minded law student from Bologna plan to scout around South Tyrol. With them is a somewhat dubious native of the region, a high school teacher who says he knows his way around. With the four of them squashed into a Fiat Panda they drive around from one side of the region to the other. Soon the other passengers realise that their chauffeur has got one leg and no idea where he’s going. And that he’s a bit too fond of a tipple. Their tour takes them not only to locked churches and remote mountain villages but also from one inn to the next. The four men get talking – sometimes with depth and profundity, sometimes humorously. The more they drink, the more ludicrous their discussions get, oscillating from wisdom to mischief and mania to high art and hard life to death and forgetting. When yet another passenger gets in, things come to a head. Will they ever make it back in one piece?

Four men in a Fiat Panda, a microcosm in which the whole world unfolds.

An absurd roadtrip through the South Tyrolean mountains: grotesque and funny, exhilarating and universal.

Albrecht Selge

Albrecht Selge

was born in 1975 in Heidelberg. He grew up in West Berlin and studied German and philosophy in Berlin and Vienna. His first novel, Awake (2011), was critically acclaimed, and was nominated for the Alfred Doblin Prize. Albrecht Selge is a freelance author and lives with his family in Berlin.